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I have installed another program thru Steam, with Key #, plus Beech F33 and Beaver. How may I bring them into this program. Discontinued using Steam, since they never remembered my log in info; additionally program may have been stolen since they always said that I was playing - showed time used - but it was not me, since they did not allow me to open program.    wally0

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Once you have received the DVD set, you can either use the installer found on the disk or the newer one located on the X-Plane site. Once X-plane is installed, you can immediately update to the latest version. (You will probably need to restart the installer to see this option on the first screen.)

Did you purchase the third party aircraft through Steam as well, or directly from the creator? If you have an email purchase receipt from the aircraft artist, you may simply be able to re-download the aircraft file. Then you can unzip it and drop in in your new install's aircraft folder.