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I'm brand new with xPlane.

The seat is all the way forward, how do I see the entire instrument panel as I can't see the switches, ignition etc? I know how to raise & lower the seat, how do I make it go back?
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Hey, I'm using X-Plane 10.45 from Steam, and I have the same problem.  The manual says that you are supposed to be able to use the period and comma keys on the keyboard to move forwards and backwards, but this has not worked for me.

Nor has switching to 3D view, since apparently, if you don't have a custom cockpit for that plane installed, it just puts you to a 3D view OUTSIDE the plane.  Could this be a bug?

Lastly, I tried looking for a field of view, but there was nothing like this under the settings and the Rendering Options.  I'm wondering if the Steam version is different somehow??

This really sucks!  I apologize in advance if I'm making a mistake, here, but I want to fly missions, and I really CAN'T DO THAT if I can't get access to the particulars lower on the panel...

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Using the 3D cockpit will probably give you the widest view of the panel. You can switch to it by pressing shift + 9.  You can then adjust your view using the arrow keys and the comma & period keys. If you get it set the way you like, you can also assign a button to it for easy user later on by following the instructions in this part of the manual.

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Another way to increase your viewable area (if you canĀ“t move further back due to the cockpit rear wall) is to go to the "SETTINGS" then "RENDERING OPTIONS" menu. Here you can adjust your FOV (field of view). A good starting point is 60 degrees, but for a good overview I like to use 80 or even 90 degrees. Note that frame rate suffers with higher FOV (more stuff to draw)!

Happy virtual landings!