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What's going on when there is a missing image (just showing a generic picture) when you should choose aircraft to fly? I just installed the digital download, and the King Air C90 is not shown as it should. Is this a knows problem or can I repair the intallation? The game works flawlessly exept for this.

All best! =)


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Hi 39_gripen

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but for the default King Air C90 in X-Plane 11, you should be seeing the photo below.

If you're not seeing this, what are you seeing exactly, is it a 'silhouette' of an aircraft? Could you please upload a screen image of what you see?


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Hi 39_gripen,

I am not from Laminar Research either; just a flight simmer from downunder.

I addition to what Greengolfer15 has advised have you installed the add-on aircraft correctly ie in the "aircraft" folder?

Have a look at the following link found at from Michael Brown of XForcePC.  Michael runs a business building PCs predominantly for X-Plane.  His business is supported by Laminar Research as the only builder of PCs suitable for X-Plane within the USA.

You may need to click the "box" for additional aircraft as indicated by Michael.

Good luck.