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in the demo you have no beautiful airports but on x flight it says that you will get nice airports but do you get them or do you have to buy them?
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How did you notice that you have "no beautiful airports"?

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Hi Gidon

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK.

X-Plane 11 ships with numerous airports and airfields located all across the world and most of the former have basic terminal buildings and the latter have buildings to a lesser extent.

If you wish to obtain the really quality airports etc., then some of these can be downloaded from as freeware and others also from or 3rd party sites as payware.

Here's an example of a freeware airport (Phoenix Sky Harbor) from MisterX6 on the forum which is very good, as are his other airports:-

Here's an example of a payware airport (Cedar Rapids Iowa) also from

The best thing to do is have a look around the website to see which airports etc., you can get as freeware, there are quite a few.

Hope this helps?