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Hi, my VR mouse is not appearing when I try to fly in VR. I am using the default Cessna 172 and just finished a fresh install. I don't know what I am doing wrong, if anything. Please help

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Im currently having the exact same issue. I'm using a WMR Asus VR and when i first bought xplane11 I could see my mouse when activating VR Mouse Cursor in settings but i only played a bit before quitting till just recently i decided to reinstall and buy a yoke. but now not only will my mouse not disply in VR but i also cannot see the ATC text info in top left corner. To me the problem is one of 3 things. Either Steam VR - WMR Portal or X Plane 11. I am also flying a Cessna 172. This bugs me so much because I Use VR mouse to change HDG and much more instead of my unaccurate WMR controllers
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I thought it was just me!

I, too, have been "upgraded" to the point where the VR mouse doesn't work, and now neither do my controllers.  (Lenovo Explorer)

Perhaps, the next upgrade--the computer won't be recognized!