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I have a Lenovo Explorer WMR headset. I need help for my mouse pointer make return on screen. If i play on desktop this appear, else i activate VR hardware this disappear. i tick “Enable 3D Mouse Cursor” i tested with end without tis thik, no change, i dont know whats happened. I can't even set the controllers that way, they don't work properly.without setup with mouse i VR.

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I have the same problem with Flight Factor A320. If I switch to a generic plane, the cursor is visible.

I contacted the Flight Factor developers. They said "this model diesn;t support vr at the moment"

What plane do you use?

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Just returned to X-plane as I discovered VR support and yes it’s really good. Bought some addons incl Flight Factor A320 at $89.99

After spending 4 hours finding out the "activation-labyrinth" I got it up and running BUT NO CURSOR.  FF: "this (90 bucks!!!!) model doesn’t support VR at the moment" Should maybe be included in the requirements on the shop site? Back to that "just works".

Workaround: exit VR mode adjust Heading-alt.....return to VR