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I have X-Plane 11, Lenovo Explorer VR with Saitek Pro Yoke and rudder pedals running on a Dell Inspiron i7-77 Laptop. Trying to get the yoke and pedals to work in VR mode. They work fine in non VR but when I checkbox to VR, they no longer work. Tried deleting preferences files and plugging in yoke-pedals and calibrating them in VR mode but still no luck. VR mode works making sure to launch WMR first, then SteamVR and XP11 but no luck with yoke in VR. Tried unplugging all joystick and keeping only yoke to eliminate USB lack of power possibility.

Any help would be welcomed.


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Following up with what I have learned on this issue after a long night of debug try and error. Using WMR controllers and language were problems for me. Having XPlane in french created a second default preference with French name causing issue. Here is the formula I used which seem to work so far:

  1. Delete preference files
  2. Start xPlane non VR
  3. Change to English
  4. Save (use OK no save button) and restart xPlane
  5. Toggle mouse VR to allow interaction with mouse (DO NOT POWER UP OR USE WMR CONTROLLERS)
  6. Toggle VR
  8. Calibrate joystick using default English preference profile using mouse only
  9. Add front view shortcut to yoke and keyboard to help with mouse only VR interaction
  10. Restart xPlane using mouse only (DO NOT POWER UP OR USE WMR CONTROLLERS)


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