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I have cargo liveries to the b737-800 but its Windows as a passenger plane. Do anyone know how to remove the Windows?
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If it's EADT, why not ask there for support?

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Hi Hagman100.

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

You might try using Planemaker.  It has been supplied with your purchase of X-Plane and you may have unknowingly loaded the software onto your PC.

I don't use it but I understand it has been made available for users to modify aircraft or build their own aircraft to use with X-Plane.

The on-line users desktop manual can be found at  

You may also search through Dr Google to find a 737-800 cargo transporter or have a look at the following site which is dedicated for X-Plane users found at

When searching this latest reference you might look at the download section whereby flight simmers have created/developed aircraft just for X-Plane.  Generally it is available as freeware but sometimes is available as donationware.

Good luck