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I have been running the latest version of X-Plane 10 64-bit in Windows 7 for a long while with no issues. I recently upgraded my computer to Windows 10. After the OS upgrade, once the scenery loads and I get to the cockpit screen, X-Plane spends several minutes with the circling cursor, but later performs well. 

Are there any system or program settings that I have to tune for X-Plane to load faster and be stable? Any new system requirements?

Please advise.



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Hi enatal,

I would not have expected that changing your OS would have a huge effect on X-Plane. It's possible that the new OS uses more system resources and is slowing down your entire computer. Have you noticed any other slow downs with other programs? You could always try a lower rendering setting preset to see if that helps. Or check the system requirements to see if we've upped them since you last checked.

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