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after boot up and flying for about 3-5 minutes my screen goes blank and the computer appears to freeze.  Running x-Plane on windows 7.

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From what I'm hearing, it could be a overheating issue. Since X-Plane is a very demanding application, it can wreck your PC. I used to have a similar issue to yours given the situation you described. My PC was getting a black screen just after 3-5 min after launching the game, then It would proceed to reboot. Either you need a better CPU cooler/cooling or a new PSU.

Download Core-Temp and check your temps if they are going crazy.

I bought the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo CPU cooler and a new PSU and that solved it.

You could list specs but try that first

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A wire caught in the fan blade, so just un tangled it and all good.  You put me on to it, thanks.
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Glad you solved your issue (really simply by the way ha)

Have fun