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Suddenly (after a few months of not using X-Plane) the sim stuttered to make 2 fps.  Previously it ran with everything maxed out at 30fps minimum. What changed in the meantime was a Windows 10 update and the graphic driver updates, that’s all. In the device manager under graphic cards I see both the Nvidia and the onboard Intel. When I disable the intel one the fps leaps to 20 - 23. And this is on a freshly re-installed X-Plane and Windows 10. I should be getting 50 - 60 FPS in default scenery. Also, windows looks awful. HELP
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What I don't understand is: Don't use both graphics cards different connectors? Sometime the graphics card detects where the monitor is, and activates.

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Hi NGC007

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK. I am also a qualified computer technician and on that basis, could you please provide further details:-

1. Motherboard model?

2. CPU model?

3. RAM?

4. Power supply unit maximum output wattage?

5. CPU cooling method?

6. Operating system Windows 10, confirm that it is 64bit?

7. Hard drive type & capacity

Your NVIDIA Titan X Pascal graphics card on face value, looks more than capable with 12GB GDDRX memory, DirectX 12 support and PCIe 3.0 x 16 bus interface.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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Finally got it sorted out thank you.  Updated the motherboard drivers as well as the sound card drivers and presto, running faster than before!  The latest big update to Windows 10 buggered everything up, typical Microsoft. All is well now and thanks for offering to help.
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 I just put together a new system. Here are the specs Intel Core i7 8300 Asus Sabertooth X99 motherboard 32 GB DDR4 Ram and of course the Nvidia Titan X Pascal This is running to an LG OLED65E6P TV via HDMI with a high-speed cable. I'm trying to get HDR to work. I have an XBOX One S and when I play HDR content through there the tv shows a message saying HDR Content has Begun playing. I don't get that at all with my PC. I tried playing some 4k videos that are supposed to be HDR, but nothing. I am also trying to play Obduction, which is supposed to support HDR, but I don't get the message when I start it. The game looks gorgeous but it doesn't say HDR content has started. Could it still be sending HDR and the tv just isn't showing the message? Is there a way for me to test that? I am running it at : 3840x2160 @ 60Hz. Desktop Color Depth is set to 32 bit. The output color format is RGB. Output color range is Full Range Output color depth only gives me the option of 8bpc. Could this be the reason? If I change my resolution to 1080p, it allows me to set the output color depth to 8 or 12, but at 4k only 8.