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In my X-plane 11.32r2 I can no longer use the OverlayEditor. It gives the error code "Can't load airport data. The X-plain global in invalid". What can I do? Delete my instalation of X-plain and download and insall an new? Or can the apt.file be found on the pc, or reconstructed?

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Hi alfme,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from downunder.

Without deleting X-Plane in total run the installer file again.  In doing so it should look for and install any files that are missing and or replace any files that are corrupted in any way.  If it finds a corrupted file it may ask if you want to replace the file.  Generally answer yes but you may need to consider each file when asked.

Hope this works for you.


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Tanks a lot for your answer. I have run the instalation file several times. Updated my X-plane 11.32 to the lateste version. But the OverlayEditor still says global file is invalid.It will not open any airport at all. Even those I have made myself using the program in X-Plane 10. The airports run perfectly well with X-Plane 11x, but not the OverlayEditor. I cannot find any global file on my pc. Howe can a non existing file be invalid?