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Altitude Bug

If you watch this video you'll see what I mean. In VNAV, while trying to designate my altitudes for ILS, my cursor moves past all the altitudes that are in the "Approach" section of the FMC. If the cursor is not in the approach section, then the cursor moves to the altitudes with no problem. But in Approach, the cursor moves down the left side, skipping the altitudes I need to designate. 

This is obviously not because of a newer version. There's no reason the cursor should be doing this. Please help.


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I'ts not very obvious from the video what you are doing or trying to do. Maybe explain (e.g. add titles to the video). Could it be that you have no choice of altitudes when you select an standard approach?
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I'm simply trying to designate the altitudes I need for approach. As long as they are white, they are not designated. The only way to designate them is to move the cursor over, highlight the altitude, and hit Enter. The cursor will NOT move over to those altitudes so I can designate them.

I know you have a choice in the altitudes because I've watched people do it, using the same instrumentation I am using. Plus, why would you make it so that you can't select them? What happens if you have to suddenly change your approach, and therefore your Altitudes?

Like I said, I've watched people do it. So there has to be a choice. Since I am trying to practice with the ILS ,I am stuck until this is fixed. Sure, I can land it manually. But I'm more interested in learning how to fly in difficult conditions, not just on perfect days.

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