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So I was flying along on VATSIM from KSEA to KMCO in the 739 Ultimate, the exact same route I had done last week. Last week, the FMC had reset several times, as described below, but this time, the flaps would, occasionally just randomly set to 1, and I'd have to literally jump to my computer and flick the flap button to get it back up. I'll describe both issues in detail seperately.

The "resetting" is basically me doing literally nothing - in fact, I was AFK - and the FMC deciding it's going to clear EVERYTHING. That extends to perf data, route data, altitude data, etc. I was using a SimBrief generated flight plan, and I was on VATSIM, but I did this also with 99% of my other flights on the Ultimate, with no issue. As I mentioned before, this was happening in the exact same place. LNAV and VNAV turns off, AP goes to CWS. Just like last week, I tried leaving it alone for 5 more minutes. The FMC reset, again. It didn't affect the outcome of the flight, but it was mildly annoying, and tedious. An interesting thing I noticed was that when I did KSEA-KMIA, or KSFO-KJFK, passing through the same area in the middle of the US, the FMC would also reset. In the exact same place! I feel like it's something in the scenery somehow causing it to glitch. Maybe it's the aircraft itself. This happened a total of 3 times each, on both flights.

Second issue: Flaps. Oh, they worked fine for takeoff and landing, but during cruise, which is the last place you'd expect them to be extended, I'd hear the flap clicking into place into flaps 1, albeit very slowly. I had to come in and get them back up, or the plane would start going beserk. 

(Major edit, 3rd issue): 2nd engine generator keeps deactivating. Nothing goes off, 1st generator still works, just the 2nd

All this happened within a 1 hour timespan, and then it'd just suddenly work again, with no more issues for the rest of the flight. 

I've attached (or will attach) log.txt below; any help would be very much appreciated. 

(Edit: I haven't actually finished the flight, I'll attach log then. Sorry about that.)

(Edit #2: 4th reprogramming of FMC now; I am unable to program a cruise altitude into the FMC.)


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Hi Captain Foxtrot

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK and have just come across your post.

I've had a look at your Log.txt file and to say that it looks unusual is a complete understatement! There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of unexpected entries, mainly similar to the three types shown in italics below, which I have copied and pasted directly from your Log.txt file.

In summary, there are three issue types being reported and they are related to 1) the Xsquawkbox plugin, 2) something referred to as a "low end LAN" (local area network) and 3) problems opening default scenery objects?

Something is obviously very wrong here and it maybe that you will have to try various things to overcome these strange issues

1. Do you have the same problem with any other aircraft, the Zibo 737-800X for example? If not, then try deleting the 900U aircraft and redownload another copy of it.

2. Try deleting the Xsquawkbox plugin to see if that improve things?

3. Certainly double check your PC hardware specifications and use a third party software to stress test your PC to make certain it's able to handle X-Plane 11?

I'm not sure what else to suggest currently and am currently on vacation replying to you without having the benefit of X-Plane 11 being in front of me. Anyway, left me know if any of this helps?


1. XSB WARNING: Parse Error in  file D:\XPlane11\Resources\plugins\XSquawkBox\64\..\Resources\CSL/BB_Leipzig_Air_VA/xsb_aircraft.txt line 5. VERT_OFFSET  3.6.
2. WE ARE SENDING 0.00 kilo-bytes per second (1,200 kilo-bytes per second is a low-end LAN) WE ARE RECEIVING 0.06 kilo-bytes per second (1,200 kilo-bytes per second is a low-end LAN) time= 36.3, RECV label=BECN from IP=, length after packaging removal=25 Private-message parse, RECV label=BECN, len=25
3. Will try to read the OBJ, path=Resources/default scenery/sim objects/apt_lights/slow/inset_centerline_twy_G_uni.obj
We already have that object! Index=0000020A7068ECB0, so we will use that index rather than re-loading the object.