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In X-Plane 11.34, how do we update the database for the GNS430/530?  What is the date of the latest update?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi newsimuser

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK.

As you may know, X-Plane 11 ships with an Airac cycle that was available just prior to its release, which is not updated automatically and becomes out of date very quickly.

The only way to update the Airac cycle is to subscribe to a third party supplier such as Navigraph. You can then either purchase the FMS data on it's own, the charts on their own or both together. The costs involved can be found here:-

Personally, as I fly commercial airliners on X-Plane 11, I pay an annual subscription for the Ultimate package, which includes continually updated Airac cycles and charts.

The current Airac cycle is 1906 for period 23/MAY/2019 - 20/JUN/2019

Hope this helps

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Thank you!

That clears things up.  I wasn't sure what Navigraph does.