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For some reason on today night flight to LOWI, after landing, i noticed i have no Gate building. Object slider is set to HIGH, i have plenty of objects visible during approach like other buildings, lamp posts with light everything except the Gate building. Its just showing the grey pavement where the building should have been.

I reloaded the scenery and the sim other 2 times and still the same and only on this airport. If i move to LPPT lisbon also 3D everything shows up perfectly.

I have no addon scenery installed. The only addons i have are Xvision and Airfoillabs king and Zibomod 737, and the required plugins for these addons.

I´ve flown before to insbruck before also at night with this exact same config and all was fine. Nothing was instaled or has been changed since that flight. I can´t for the heck of me figure out what is going on here....

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Got it working again after editing the scenery list file and bringing LOWI demo area to the top. Dont know why this happened as i never edited this file before nor i instaled any scenery before but its sorted...