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The Aerosoft airports have disappeared from my X-Plane 10.41 Custom Scenery folder. The text-file concerning them is still present. I installed a second copy of X-Plane on another drive, but the Aerosoft sceneries didn't get installed, only the earlier mentioned text file. How can I get back the airports which were initially present?
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Did you run an update on an existing install and they disappeared? Then you also installed a new copy of X-Plane and they were entirely missing from that one?

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We have removed some Aerosoft airports if the Gateway version provided better scenery. In 10.35 these changes were made:

  • Aerosoft EDDS and EDDK custom airports have been removed in favor of the new X-Plane airport gateway versions.
  • Aerosoft EDDF custom airport has been modified by Jan to be a merge of his gateway airport and Aerosoft's custom objects.
  • Aerosoft EDDM airport has been replaced with a new layout, which will also be available on the gateway soon.

Additionally, the Aerosoft airport will only show up in the Custom Scenery folder if you have opted to install the base scenery tile. So, if you removed scenery or did not select all the scenery in a new install, you would not see those Aoerosoft Airports. I.E., if you have not installed the default scenery tiles that cover all of France, you would not have folders for Aerosoft LFPO, LFPG, etc. 

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Thanks for the prompt answer, which was spot on. I had removed base scenery tiles when it seemed that X-plane would run with just AlpilotsX's HD scenery installed. When I ran the new install I did not choose any default scenery in order to speed up the process. Everything is ok now that I have reinstalled the default tiles.