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i downloaded x-plane and installed it succesfully on my new Dell G3 laptop intending to use it with VR on my Lenovo Explorer VR kit. All went well and i was able to fly the program in VR for about 30 min. it was wonderful.

next time i started the computer X-Plane was gone. No icons, no files, nothing. i did a search in Windows File Explorer for x-plane and it found one file "x-plane_1 1KB"

i know it installed because it used about 38 GB and after my SSD had only 12GB free. it still has 12GB free.

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Hi, That's odd! Sorry for the inconvenience here. When you run the installer application - does it see any previous installations?
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No, it’s a one week old computer never loaded xplane on it before
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Is your OS Windows? If so I am wondering if a virus has attacked your X-Plane installation. My OS is Linux and I have not used Windows for years so my help might be wrong. An alternative explanation is the permissions settings have gone wrong for some reason and your user login has no permission for even viewing the X-Plane directory. In Add Remove Programs is it listed if it would get listed in the first place, as I remember some programs installed in Windows are never listed in Add Remove Programs but if it is you could try repairing, uninstalling, reinstalling in that order, to see if it makes any headway. First thing though would be to use a good anti virus program and do a thorough scan.