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I don't find the description on the developers' blog clear nor applicable to any plane.

Is there a tutorial explaining how to change the effect of a specific plane?

Are there any customised particles files available somewhere? Can't find them.

Because the default effects in XP are totally unrealistic. I preferred the good old heat haze effect than this blurry tube that never happens in reality. Also why are there condensation trails on wingtips even if the level of humidity is very low?

Thank you.

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X plane doesn't have the greatest particles. They focused on other parts, I assume. I recommend you continue looking for better particles, and try and watch videos, go through forums, etc. I don't believe you can change the effects on a plane. The only thing you can change is their realism (cough cough) / graphics. This is done in graphics on settings. You might as well turn them really low because you don't seem to like them. This will also boost your performance.
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If you really want to dig into it, X-Plane has a “Particle System Browser”, look under the Developer drop-down menu.

Here is an article describing its operation…

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You have not read my post.