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In Replay mode of a flight that was done in the rain, I would like to put the rain at 0% opacity.

Is it possible to edit a file in the Resources so I make the rain completely transparent? This is because I do a cinematic clip and would like to record a flight where there is thunder and I would like it without the rain.

Thank you.

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Reason #1: the heat distortion of a jet engine also affects the rain drops but in XP, in 99.99% of the situations, the rain drops are always between the plane and us so this situation that you can see on the screenshot is impossible. I want to add heat distortion in post editing.

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Reason #2: in order to record the situation with a high FPS, I need to replay at slow motion. The bug in XP is that rain, instead of being horizontal —as we follow a plane at more than 100 mph— the rain falls vertically at slow motion, even if that motion reproduces slowly a movement faster than 100 mph. It's completely illogical.




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Now you may ask yourself?

— Why don't you remove the rain?

I make cinematic clips and demos and need a situation with rain

— Why don't you play the Replay a normal speed and capture it? 

With a city and an airport scenery loaded, plus clouds and rain, it is impossible to have a decent FPS.

— And what if we really can't do nothing about the rain right now, why don't you remove it?

Because thanks to rain I have enough conditions to create steam around the gear when the plane touches down.

— And what?

There is a bug in X-Plane since v1 that does not exist in any other flight simulator where the landing gear of all the planes, even third-party ones, of more than two wheels are not recreated in the Replay mode as they were during the live flight. If as on a B747, B777, A350, A330... where the main landing gear is tangling, the Replay mode locks it in another position than it should. So to hide that bug, I land at night and with rain.

So, for the moment, how can I make the rain non visible? ;-)

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It sounds like all this is a very complicated work around for a bug. It is always better to file a bug report in order to bring our attention to the bug and probably get it fixed!

Please submit a bug report here on the replay / gear issue. Please be as specific as possible in how you see the error and using default aircraft only. Attach a sample replay with the issue if possible.

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The problem is that it is now years (since XP7) that I raise the attention on all these details (gear, rain,…) and since XP7 nothing is done. All the other flight simulators don't have these issues. The one from Microsoft has even humidity condensation on wing tips creating vortex! But in XP it is now more than 10 years that all my reports are unanswered.

Also, we never receive a confirmation email after submitting a bug report and thus never have a feedback.

Last but not least, I am really disappointed by Austin Meyer's attitude in our last email exchanges where he obviously didn't accept that he was wrong while I proved him by showing him the numerous complaints from many users that we are right on the topic of black contrails. So my motivation to fill a long form for each bug after each version where we have no feedback and the same problems are still there after 10 years has diminished... You got to understand me ;-)

Or hire me as a debugger and quality control freak because if I had to sum up the total hours I spent finding the bugs, writing the reports, making screenshots, making videos with various explanations,... I could already send you a 4-figure invoice ;-)

Some examples: