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To start off I would like to say that xPlane is a fantastic simulator, in my opinion, better than any other simulator ever created. Despite this fact, my xPlane 11 causes me a lot of problems. First of all, some bugs occur during my flights, which is very frustrating since the hour I spent setting up the plane was useless. One of whom is that the the world suddenly becomes entirely blue and there is no sign of land, even though being at low altitudes. Thanks to this problem, I cannot see the runway during landing and neither the airport. Another problem is that FPS are very low (sometimes even 20 FPS) and my computer (an iMac) is, modestly, very powerful: an Intel Core i7 CPU with 4,2 GHz; 30 GB of RAM and 8 of VRAM; and 2TB of disk space. I tried every solution, e.g.: lower the graphics, but they seem to not work. Can somebody help, please?


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Hi Matt4906

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but when you state that the "world suddenly becomes entirely blue with no sign of land", do you mean that you're flying over nothing but ocean/sea/water?

If this is the case, it could be that you have not downloaded the relevant X-Plane 11 global scenery data files for the area that you're flying over?

There's a quick way to check this, by running the X-Plane Installer application, click on the Add or Remove Scenery button and finally click the areas on the world map to download the files that you need. Please see photo below:-



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Dear GreenGolfer15,

Thanks for replying to my question. By “the world becomes entirely blue” I mean that the whole world gets covered by a blue fog that has the same color of the sky, despite all the weather settings are set to clear
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Could you upload a screen shot of the 'blue fog' for us to look at and advise which area of the world you're flying over when it does this?

Is the blue fog always present, or only at certain times?

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It is present at some times during the flight