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Hi everyone! i would like to use the yoke only for its real purpose (roll and pitch). For that i need to remove the foot brakes function that is added to it. Does anyone know how to do it?. THANKS!

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Would the following from https://developer.x-plane.com/article/updating-aircraft-for-x-plane-11-30/ help?

Toe Braking

Previous to 11.30, automatic toe braking for users without hardware or plugin-controlled toe brakes was applied automatically to aircraft based on internal heuristics and analysis of the landing gear. The heuristics sometimes produced useful results, but sometimes not, and they weren’t easily author-controllable

Starting in X-Plane 11.30, authors can control the amount of automatic toe brake applied with rudder deflection in Plane-Maker; the field “left and right brake power” in the landing gear screen’s “Gear Data” field lets you control this feature.

A value of 0 will mean X-Plane applies no automatic toe brakes with rudder deflection; positive values apply the toe brakes based on a power curve. Use a value of 1 for linear brake application with rudder, and larger values to defer brake application to the strongest rudder deflections. Generally, if you need toe brakes, but you want less of them, use a larger number.

For older aircraft, this field will be pre-initialized to match X-Plane 11.26’s shipping behavior.

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