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Hello everyone

I'm having frame rate drop at night and I don't know why. 

That just happens near the terminal at night, not on the runway at night or during cruise at night, just near the terminal at night.

Happens with any aircraft, with any airport, with any camera (virtual cockpit and free camera).

I did a clean installation of XP11, so I'm having this issue without any plugins, addons, libraries, sceneries, etc.

I took some pictures in order to illustrate better whats happening: 

XP11.34 - clean installation

1. MD80 - Gate A10 at FAOR - Virtual Cockpit - Day time - 42 fps

2. MD80 - Gate A10 at FAOR - Virtual Cockpit - Night time - 25 fps

3. MD80 - Gate A10 at FAOR - Free Camera - Day time - 73 fps

4. MD80 - Gate A10 at FAOR - Free Camera - Night time - 36 fps

PC specs:

Z370M Aorus Gaming

I7 8700k 4.9ghz

GTX 1050ti 4gb

Memory HyperX Fury 16GB 2400MHz DDR4

It is a XP problem? Or it has to do with my system, my configs, etc? Again, these pictures were taken of a clean XP11 installation.

Thanks in advance

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My answer will be a bit on the speculation side…  Night scenes may actually demand a bit more graphic power due to light source and the casting of light.  Your system configuration is arguably GPU bound—i.e. the 8700K is very powerful, while the 1050Ti is considered underpowered for X-Plane 11.  If you have the Graphics details, such as Visual Effects (HDR) and Antialiasing tuned high up, the GPU could easily be maxed out.

You can launch Windows’ Task Manger and display the running CPU and GPU loading numbers, then vary the Graphics settings, to verify the above theory.