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i have the disks (all 8) I had to replace the hard drive.. I've done the update but still.. thank you

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Hi Willie

I'm not from Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK and have the following questions:-

1. With regard to the new replacement hard drive, do you have any other software issues with the operating system and/or 3rd party applications in terms of 'permissions', or does the problem only occur with X-Plane 11?

2. Do you have any antivirus software on your PC that could be blocking use of X-Plane 11?

3. Presumably the new hard drive has been properly formatted and has enough capacity to install X-Plane 11?

Kind regards
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let me try and see if it has a anti-virus hard drive.. but it starts to copy but after disk 2 or 3 it says that.. i'll look.. thank you...………..

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