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When I move my joystick to check the action on the control surfaces (aircraft parked) pitch movement lifts the whole aircraft and roll movement rotates the whole aircraft which then crashes and disintegrates!

This happened suddenly and has persisted. I have tried two other controllers ( Saitek X52 and Logitech Attack 3),but the symptoms are the same.

My controller normally used with X-Plane 11 is a Thrustmaster T.16000 with Separate throttle. I have un-installed and re-installed X-Plane 11 which was a temporary solution, but the symptoms quickly returned.

All the above controllers work with my Steam Edition of FSX. Please help as I am desperate to continue using my favourite Flight Simulator.

Graham Foster
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Many thanks for your prompt response and intelligent suggestion. However, I haven't installed any third party configuration software, so I think that can be eliminated as a cause. I am beginning to think this could be a configuration conflict as the problem coincided with the installation of VFlyte Air's Cirrus SR20.

I have now completed yet another re-installation of X-Plane 11 in the hope that I can start with a clean sheet. I will not re-install the SR20, which I didn't particularly like anyway. The stock SF50 Vision Jet is a much better offering.

My Flight Simming stretches back to Sub logic days, despite which my enthusiasm is undimmed despite the fact that I am about to begin my ninth decade.

Best Regards.

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Hi Graham

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but have you by chance installed any dedicated third party software directly into Windows (or MAC whichever you are using), for the flight controllers in question?

If you are, then you should completely uninstall any such software and then simply calibrate your flight controllers within X-Plane 11's joystick settings page!

I am currently using the Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS X and have never experienced the issues that you are reporting?