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I can not get the marker beacon noises to stop. I keep getting the Inner Marker when departing a runway, I have MKR off on the audio panel as well as a nav frequency that does not match an ILS frequency at this airport. I don't  want to hear the beeps when waiting by the runway!
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I noticed the same thing too.  This happens to all Laminar’s aircraft on 11.35r1.  On an approach, after passing the IM, the beeping stops, but it starts up again over the touchdown zone.  And as you’ve said, beeps while waiting for takeoff as well.  Very irritating.

For the meantime, you can assign a key to the command “Mute marker beacons until next marker is received”. 

Perhaps you can file a formal bug report to Laminar.

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Hi asorrells25

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but I notice that in the LR 737-800 that the MKR on/off switch is also a rotary volume control, as per the photo below.

Does turning the volume down help?



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Sadly that still does not help! I have tried almost everything I can and have read through the manual but can not find any help. Thank you though!
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You can at least mute it with the method I described above.

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