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I am flying X-Plane 11.35. Clearance for my flight always confirms the destination as given on the flight plan, but the navigation systems always take me to a different destination. For example, yesterday I entered a flight plan Biggin Hill to London City, London City was confirmed as the destination on clearance, but I ended up at Blackbushe. It is not down to my poor navigation skills as the same happens when AI is in control. It happens regardless of plane, departure point, or navigation system. I don's anyone else making this complaint, so am I doing something wrong?

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Hi again argh_bee

I think we'll need a little more specific information before attempting to help with this.

1. Are you flying with ATC guidance or just by using your own flight plan with no input from ATC?

2. Please provide details of your full flight plan (including runways), however short the trip may be?

3. Please give an example of one aircraft type where this problem occurs and the navigation system being used?

4. You state that this problem occurs " regardless of departure point"? Does this mean that you are trying to get to LCY from various different airports, but always end up at Blackbush?

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Hi Greengolfer15

Thanks for considering my problem. I am flying with ATC guidance; both ATC and on-board navigation are complicit in leading me astray. I have flown from Biggin Hill (EGKB) main runway and Manston (EGMH) to a variety of destinations airports in England and France and every flight has ended at the wrong destination. So far, each flight plan ends at the same wrong destination every time I repeat it, regardless of whether it's me or AI doing the flying, but different flight plans end at different wrong destinations. I have flown 172 Skyhawk (with and without G1000) and King Air C90 using the standard navigation system provided by X-Plane on those models, with auto-tune recommended frequencies checked..

As nobody else seems to be complaining about this, I can only assume I am doing something wrong, or else my computer set-up (my other question) doesn't agree with X-Plane.
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Hi there

I mainly fly the Zibo 737-700U/800X/900U and the more complicated LES SAAB 340 and always set up the flight management computer with a full flight plan, with no ATC input at all. Personally I don't believe that the X-Plane 11 ATC system is very good anyway, so avoid it completely!

Consequently, No matter where I start from, I do always end up at the correct destination and this includes flights in GA aircraft such as the Baron or Cessna.

Have you tried a route just by using a flight plan on auto pilot and switching off ATC?

Could you please provide one example of a flight plan you've used where you've also ended up in the wrong destination, plus the aircraft & navigation system used? I will try it my end to see what happens using autopilot?

If you're not using the autopilot, do you fly the route manually, VOR to VOR, waypoint to waypoint?

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I'll get back to you Paul. I'm a newbie (to this simulator anyway) so I need to spend more time with the manual.

In the meantime, to point out another glitch, I entered EGCD (Manchester Woodford) as a start airfield and found myself looking down the runway at Manchester International (EGCC). So if some of these codes are wrong, it might explain why I end up in the wrong place.

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Hi again

Yes, these ICAO airport codes are quite important, for if you make a typo, you'll either end up with a error code that you won't be able to find in the FMC, or end up somewhere different to where you thought you were going!

Funnily enough, the ICAO code for London City is very similar to that of Blackbushe i.e. EGLK and EGLC, so it wouldn't take much to make a typo eh!