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I just purchased a Gladiator MKII controller and I cannot get the X, Y and RX axes to respond.  Has anyone found a solution?  Or do I have to return the Gladiator and find another controller?  I have tested the stick per the VKB instructions - it works fine in the test.

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Hi 2ndWindWriter,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

It is quite simple when you know how.  You have one of the better units available for flight simmers.  Don't despair it will work

I don't know what your VKB instructions are.  Disregard them.  If in written format put them on the shelf or burn them never to be seen again.  Do the same for any software provided with the joystick.

X-Plane is not like any other 'shoot-em-up" or flight sim package.  The hardware has to be installed through X-Plane.  No other way.  Not even through your operating system or with the software supplied.  Follow the advice given below and the installation should work.

  1. To get an understanding of what you are about to do watch the following YouTube videos from Michael Brown in the USA which are related to joystick calibrations and the third reference specifically for the Gladiator.  The videos can be found at  and  and the Christmas present is the following link found at  Although this last reference is dated April 2017 I am of the opinion that an image of the joystick now appears.  In the first two videos consider the message or methodology used and not the product; then
  2. Remove all remnants of any software you have installed on your PC (Mac?) provided with the unit; then 
  3. Turn your PC off; then 
  4. Connect your joystick to your PC; then 
  5. Start X-Plane; then
  6. When you have the "blue boxes down the LHS of the screen scroll down or use your cursor and select settings; then 
  7. Across the top of the screen your will see a menu bar (Michael uses an alternative method to get to the same point); then 
  8. Select  joystick; then
  9.  An image of your unit should appear; then 
  10. Start and configure your joystick; then
  11. Save that configuration with a name. Continue to do so for other aircraft types; then
  12. .Press done; then
  13. Enjoy using the joystick as you fly.
The important issue is not to calibrate one assignment/function to two buttons or levers  or two assignments to one lever or button.
The User manual can be found here with the relevant chapter at
Happy flying.
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Thanks, Glenn.  Have seen those three videos, but still had the problem.  Your last advice about calibrating two functions got me thinking:  I had made all the changes under one user profile.  So I created a new user profile, made the recalibration and everything worked great.

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Glad to know my advice does work and you are up and running, sorry flying.