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I got a wonderful new update in X-plane 11 and there was a new livery so I went to the outside view to take a screenshot.  The plane was landing at this time and I saw smoke coming off the wings!  This may not be smoke because of two things one is that there was no engine failure alarm and the smoke was coming from the top of the wings not from the engines.  How come this doesn't happen in the real world?  Am I doing something wrong?

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Well, perhaps you forgot to turn on the No Smoking sign?

Just kidding!!

It appears that you’re referring to the new “Particle Effect”.  This new visual effect is arguably a bit exaggerated.  There is a way to disable it, but the way I know is via PlaneMaker.exe.  If you know the basics of using this included X-Plane application, the feature is under the following section for each airplane...

    Dropdown menu: Expert | Invisible Parts.  

    At the bottom section, uncheck “Built-in wing heat effects”