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I have had one of you answer the question about a better ATC and why x-planes ATC was not good.  Well I have been looking into getting Vatsims ATC so I looked up how much it costs but I didn't find a price any were.  I only want Vatsim for it's ATC so can someone give me some instructions on how to add Vatsims ATC to x-plane 11?  Thank you.

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There are plenty of YouTube videos on VATSIM.  You may find the multipart video below useful for getting started.  I’d also suggest that you first browse through the website to understand if it is indeed the type of service/experience that you’re looking for.  You did not find a price anywhere because it is free.

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Thanks so much I will look into it right now.  It's such good news it free!!
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I was looking into it but is it a robot ATC or a real person?
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VATSIM is live person ATC.  Communication is via either typing or two-way voice.  IMO, it comes pretty close to real world ATC, in terms of procedure, situation and phraseology.  Thus, if one does not have previous ATC interaction IRL, it could be a bit daunting at first.