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I completer the flight plan information with plane information, destination airport, altitude and waypoints click file and the screen goes back to the original file flight plan screen

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Hi drupp

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK, but in order to advise you further, it would be worth knowing the aircraft type you are trying to load an OFP into?

Also, if the aircraft is general aviation, what FMC are you using i.e. GNS430, GNS530?

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cant load it on any of the planes supplied by xplane
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Hi again

Obviously there are a number of different flight management systems on the various aircraft within X-Plane 11, so without knowing which one to focus on, it is going to be very difficult to give accurate assistance.

So let's start at the beginning:-

1. Are you trying to import a 'pre-created' flight plan (*.fms file) into the flight management system of an aircraft, or.....

2. Are you entering a flight plan manually into the flight management system of an aircraft?

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I got it fixed thanks

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