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I purchased the software a few years ago. I have not had much time to use it, but now I would do it. I installed the software on a laptop that has a video card Nvidia Ge GTX870M. Can not he see the entire control panel, zoom enlarges the image but can not shrink it to include the entire panel. What should I do?



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You can look around the cockpit by switching to view "3D cockpit command look" (shift 9) and holding the right mouse button to pan around. At the risk of needing to zoom more, you can also either go to Rendering Options and increase your field of view a bit, or move your view further back ("," and "." move back/forward - but in some aircraft you may find the seat is in the way).

Once you have a view you like, press Ctrl and any number-pad number to store it, then just that number-pad key to later restore that view.