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We have recently purchased a digital copy of X-Plane 11 Professional for one of our users at Cobham Aviation Services.

Due to the network restrictions on our services, we are unable to connect to the X-Plane service to complete the download as network access to your service is blocked.

We have tried to do this through wifi, however the service is going to take about 40 hours to download over wifi and the user will not be able to use his computer during this time.

Could you please provide the details of the network connection required to be whitelisted on our end to allow connection to your service to complete the verification process and download?

Alternatively, how could we go about downloading the program on a third party computer, or obtaining the USB key driver?


Damien G Jackaman

IT Systems Support Analyst

ITIL Knowledge Management

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Hi Damien,

I am not with Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

As this forum is basically for "single user" flight simmers who are running X-Plane I am of the opinion that you are outside the parameters of a single user and you should be dealing directly with Laminar Research.  What I am suggesting is you will be lucky to get an answer to your question in this forum.

If you live in the States then contact them direct by phone or by email them directly starting in the first instance with [email protected]

Good luck