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hi guys,

I’m trying to create a video of a landing (CTRL-spacebar) but I only get a recording of the view out the left-hand monitor (left side view).

I have Xplane set up with 3 monitors and the center one is designated as the “Main Monitor”, but I can’t get it to record the “front view”... what am I doing wrong?...... thx!

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I believe X-Plane can record video for the “Main” display only.  The “Main” display being the one that XP chooses to display the menu when you call up the Settings or Configuration page.  It is possible to record the actions on the center screen as long as you can make the center screen to be your “Main” one.

If your current Main display appears on the left or right screen, try disabling them both (in Graphics Settings) thereby forcing the center (only) screen to become your Main display.  Then re-enable the left and right, and hopefully the center screen will remain to be the Main display.  Now you can record the center display.