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Hi guys,

I planed a flight from Orlando to Miami.  I was in the default 737-800.  Shortly after take off at about 2,000 ft I saw the aircraft moving around the yaw access like there was a cross wind.  But there was no wind.  I looked out side and saw the rudder moving left and right but I was doing nothing with the rudder.  It was like someone was controlling my rudder.  All the other controls were just fine.  The next thing I did was to calibrate my joystick but that didn't help one bit.  I even reset my failures section in hope of fixing it but that didn't do anything either.  This might be some info that may help (I have a thrust master joystick and no rudder peddles the is a center to the controls).

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Your Null zone is too low, Increase it in the "Joystick" Settings tab
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thanks allot timepro.