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Flying the 58 Baron (default) with autopilot, when I trim up or down for (e.g.) approach, the AP kicks out and I can't maintain heading desired, or needed to change.  When I scroll down to see the AP, I lose sight and bearing and go out of control.  With a VS setting I could manage trim up or down, but there doesn't seem to be an option to control VS up or down.  I assume this might be solved with the Carenado Baron (with G750), but I'd like to fly the default plane a while first.
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Hi 2nd WindWriter,

I'm a sim pilot in Oz. Have you set up Quicklook keys? They make rapid view changes so that you don't spend time scrolling. If you assign 1 to the autopilot, it will make life easier and you can then use the Up/Down toggle in the autopilot to control your rate of ascent/descent. Quicklooks are covered in the X-plane manual.
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Thanks for your suggestion.  Ill give that a try.


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