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Hi everybody,

I have downloaded the installer of x-plane 11 into my home directory to test it on my machine and I run into a problem that I cannot figure out by myself.

I run the installer from terminal with the command ./X-Plane11LinuxInstaller and I receive:

bash: ./X-Plane11LinuxInstaller: Permission denied

The installer doesn't even start and with that I am pretty sure that I don't have any log file.

I have to point out that I have Gentoo Linux as OS, which means that I "build" my system depending on what I need. Because of that I have also tried to run the very same file within a Ubuntu live usb...and it works..

I am pretty sure that some packages are missing on my machine. The question is what packages? Does anyone know what the installer script try to run? The script itself is somehow encrypted.

Any help is really appreciated

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I have just found the problem.

For some reason that I have underestimated, I have set in my fstab the option noexec on my home partition. Which prevents the execution of every file from that mount point.

This is a silly mistake that required me a lot of reaserch..