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I teach aviation at a high school.  We took part in the GAMA competition last year.  They gave us the link to download the XPlane and the codes to have full access.  After a few times, the codes were getting disabled.  It was on the same computer, but if someone else logged into the computer and opened XPlane in their profile (installed in the public folder of the computer) they'd have to input the code again.  Very shortly, the code would be disabled.  Is there a way to install XPlane locally so it would not have to keep reaching the internet. The internet is sketchy here to begin with.  I had to run a 40ft ethernet cord to one machine because it's wifi dongle would never hold a signal.  I'd put the cord away and then I'd have to reverify the code, which meant getting the cord back out.  I'd like to find a way around keeping a cord strung across two classrooms if possible.  

Second question, does X Plane have a high school program pricing to help on costs.  I've gotten these codes for one year through GAMA.  I really like XPlane and would like to keep it if possible.  Just trying to crunch the numbers.  Thanks,


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Hi Josh

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK.

With the digital download version of XP11 (which always requires an internet connection to operate), once installed, silent checks are continuously being made by LR to determine the validity of your licence (product key), on the basis that you may only run one copy of XP11, on one machine at any one time.

As you appear to have set up one PC in a public format, which multiple users with different profiles can log on to, I suspect that LR is viewing this as many different PC's all trying to use the same licenced copy of XP11. This is maybe why your licence is being disabled?

Unfortunately with the digital download version of XP11, there is no way of getting around the need for an internet connection at all times and even with one, access by multiple users will still cause the problems you are having!

Consequently, with such poor internet connection options, the only way around all of this, as I see it, is the following:-

1. Bite the bullet and purchase a valid XP11 DVD set from LR, which doesn't require an internet connection to run, other than to occasionally download updates or third party addons etc. With this option though, once XP11 has been installed, you must always have Disc No 1 in the DVD ROM tray at all times, as this contains all of the required licence information for your new copy of XP11 to run properly.

2. Set up just one standalone PC, with one single user profile, so that everyone logs on in exactly the same way, so as not to confuse XP11's licence check routines. If you were fortunate to have a strong permanent internet connection at all times, then this setup would also get around any silent licence check issues whilst connected to LR.

With regard to your second question on pricing, I'm afraid that you will have contact LR directly on this!

Hope this helps?

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Thanks so much for that information. I’ll talk to the school and see what can be done. Our current computers don’t have disk drives but that should be an easy fix. Unfortunately they won’t do a single login on a computer that will hit the internet for security reasons.

Thanks again for all the input. Hopefully I can get something going with the disk drive soon.

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Hi Josh,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

Follow the advice Greengolfer15 has given you.

I am also of the opinion that you are running a "professional" setup of X-Plane and you should be dealing direct with Laminar Research to sort out your troubles including a "possible" student discount.  In making the contact disclose what you want to achieve and your intended setup.

I am also intrigued by your comment that the product key(s) is/are only viable for 12 months.  For the version you are running ie XP10 or XP11 the product key is for the life of the version or copy you chose to use.  There is no use by date.  

Where did you download from?  

There is a known "dodgy brothers" web site that sells XP and provides a product key.  The software runs once as the software is a pirate copy and a stolen product key has been provided which automatically shuts down after a single use.  Some flight simmers have been successful in getting a refund.

If you are planning to run all of your PCs together as an instructional situation then you should connect the PCs as a network via a "hub" with ethernet connections rather than via Wi-fi.  Wi-fi will cause "lagging" between units.

As said above, disclose all with Laminar and I am certain they will help.  

The initial contact for Laminar Research is [email protected]

Good luck


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Thanks, Glenn. I’ll get in touch with them. I looked at the support online but found this forum and the troubleshooting link, but that one needed a file attached. I somehow overlooked the email. So thank you much for that!  

Have a great one.