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I am new to X-Plane and i cant seem to figure out how to fix ground shaking. At first i thought it had something to do with custom scenery, however even on default scenery (with no buildings; runways, taxiways and aprons only) the ground still shake. No matter what Rendering options i set it still shakes.

My PC specs are as follows:

Intel i7-6700 4.2 GHz 8MB

32GB RAM Kingston HyperX 2400Mhz


Sandisk Ultra II SSD 960GB


P.S.: Here is a video on YouTube -

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It's not the ground, it is the aircraft. The aerodynamic simulation make the aircraft shake, but when you are parked in the ground, the developers forgot to realize the resistance the helipad or whells make in the contact on the ground.

You see the ground shaking because the camera is fixed in the cockpit.

Hope they fix it.

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I know this is an old question, but as the only answer was wrong I thought I'd link to an official response on a duplicate of your question which was posted by bachian and answered by jroberts -

This is an issue we've been aware of for quite some time (at least since X-Plane 10) but we haven't found a good way to resolve it.

Some people argue that it isn't important as this is a 'flight' simulator so we spend most of our time in the air, but personally I start cold+dark and spend plenty of time on the ground and this bug really annoys me.

It's been speculated that it's caused by GPU floating point rounding errors, which probably means it's the same bug that causes the weird flickering/tearing of scenery textures (e.g. building faces), especially at high zoom. I hope the devs figure out a way to fix this, but don't expect it's very high on their no-doubt enormous list of priorities.

Good luck, LR-Devs.

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If you mean very slight shaking when you are on the ground, I think it's actually your aircraft shaking due to aerodynamic simulation running even before you start taxiing, and increasing "flight models per frame" (in Operations & Warnings) to 3 or 4 may help, especially if, as the label says, your aircraft is light or small.
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Its not the aircraft, its the ground and buildings (when there are buildings). Here is a video on YouTube -
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Right, I have seen similar. Bear in mind your point of view is anchored to the aircraft. Try going to chase view (shift 8) and then free-camera (c). Does the shaking stop? (or does the aircraft shake instead?)
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I've tried all camera options and the only option it does not shake is the Free Camera (c button). Aircraft does not shake.