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hello ... I'm ifhan from Indonesia, I plan to buy Original Xplane on your website.  and ProsinA320 through another website.  can it run together?  Xplane as a simulator application and ProsimA320 as a plane, because some of my cockpit devices are only compatible with ProsimA320, thanks for your answer

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Hi Ifhandp

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK.

I have looked at the ProSim website and have found the A320 professional simulator suite user manual, which you can also find @

This manual clearly states that the recommended back end simulator platforms currently being supported are:-

1. Microsoft®Flight Simulator™ version 10 (FSX)

2. ­ Lockheed Martin Prepar3D® version 1.x, 2.x and 3.x

There is no reference to XP11 at all?  

I'm a tad confused though why you would wish to choose the ProSim A320 in the first place due to it's cost @ over $1700 US, for the suite and annually renewed update subscription. If the reason is just to support some of your existing cockpit devices, then surely it might be more cost effective to start over with new devices that support XP11 instead?

If you wish to purchase XP11, then great, but why not go for the Flight Factor A320 Ultimate instead, which is a study level aircraft and very highly rated by simulator enthusiasts around the world?

XP11 can be purchased here: @ $59.99 (includes free updates for the life of the XP11 product!!)

Flight Factor A320 Ultimate can be purchased here: @ $89.95

Hope this helps

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Skalarki ( have announced support for X-Plane 11, so would advise checking their website. With THEIR drivers, THEIR equipment should work ok.
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I do not understand the web skalarki, when I read the Xplane Forum, it does not explain whether it is fully compatible with Xplane, what do you think of the Products from Opencockpits.  specifically A320 equipment, which is compatible with Xplane.  can you help me find information?  so that I buy Xplane and Equipment
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Hi again

I think that the best thing for you to do, under the circumstances, is to download the digital 'trial' version of X-Plane 11 just to make sure that your Skalarki equipment works, before deciding whether or not to make the final purchase.

My understanding is that you won't be able to add any third party aircraft to the 'trial' version of XP11, but at least you will know if the Skalarki equipment works?

Sorry, not sure what else to suggest, as I personally have no experience of Skalarki or Opencockpits hardware :-(

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thanks for your answer, i understand .. and maybe i was too rushed in buying a scalarchy device, i have already downloaded the trial version of Xplane.  and I'm amazed by the picture quality.  airport scenary.  very satisfy
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Hi there

If you were happy with my assistance, I would be very grateful if you could provide my original post with a positive upvote (or best answer), as suggested on the Q&A webpage?

Kind regards and thanks in advance :-)
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Many thanks, I really appreciate your support :-)

Happy flying!
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Hay Xplane Team...

after I tried the Trial version of Xplane.  I like it very much, and when I want to buy it on DVD, for shipping to my area of ​​residence, shipping costs cannot be calculated.  please help .. I want to send a picture of the results from your website but I do not understand where to send pictures of my booking constraints, the reason I bought it on DVD because the Internet in the area is not good, the trial that I use I get from a friend that I myself doubt about  installation techniques that will affect the full version (in the form of purchasing Key only) I am ready to make purchases and shipping costs.

Best regard
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I have an idea, if I ask my friend to help download the trial version of Xplane directly on your website, he is in a good area of ​​internet quality and he sends it to me in the form of Flashdisk, then I only need to buy an official license from you, whether activation  must oinline?