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Hi everyone. I using the x-plane 11 and I cannot find anywhere the working and good MD11 and cannot waiting to Rotatesim MD11. :) How I can make it? Please help.

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Hi oelac,

I am not from Laminar Research; just a flight simmer from down under.

You haven't indicated what version of X-Plane you have.  If you have accidently downloaded the XP11.40 Beta version it is a known fact by Laminar that problems exist with some older aircraft.

If you have downloaded the beta version then you need to view the following link found at

You haven't indicated what platform you have been running the PMDG MD-11.  If you have been using XP10 then you may have a good chance of converting by loading the plane into planemaker (supplied with X-Plane) and then saving the file as a XP11 aircraft.  If on another platform you may have to dump the software in the bin and start again 

You should also have a good viewing of the following link found at

Good luck