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I just received the Honeycomb Yoke and Switch Panel, however, the configuration screen does not "display" the device; it only list it as Alpha Flight Controls; there is no visual display of the Yoke illustrating the buttons and switches as.

The only functions that auto populate are the HAT SWITCH, and AXES. None of the switches on the panel function nor can they be assigned as noted with existing list of options. Buttons on the handle can be assigned. The Honeycomb support link does not provide a driver for the MAC, it states that configuration for the MAC version is preconfigured in XPlane 11. I also have the same problem with the configuration of the Saitek Proflight Quadrant.

The XPlane 11.35 app is installed on MY MAC computer under macOS Catalina. XPlane is accessed via STEAM

Note: My old CH Flight Sim Yoke does display in the configuration screen.

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Hi cbuffalo

I'm not with Laminar Research, just a fellow simmer in the UK.

As you are using a Steam version of XP11, you are in fact in the wrong Q&A platform as this one is specifically for simmers running valid copies of XP11 purchased directly from LR.

Having said that and in the interests of assisting others, I can confirm that the relevant configuration files for the Honeycomb yolk and switches etc., were included in version 11.40rc1 update. In fact, I believe they were updated in the Beta 2 release.

Please therefore update your XP11 through Steam and also please see photos below, obtained from files in the new XP11.40rc1 X-Plane 11\Resources\joystick configs folder.

I do note however that you appear to have had similar issues with the Saitek flight controls (throttle quadrant), which is the same one that I use!

Whatever you do when trying to configure any flight controller, DO NOT install any third party drivers for such equipment. If you have installed any drivers, then please uninstall them straightaway and configure the equipment in the Joystick settings page within XP11 itself.