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When I use TrackIR, the xplane pilot's view jumps from inside cockpit to an outside view. I can "look" completely around the airplane in TrackIR but I can not get back into the cockpit, pilots seat.

Without TrackIR my seat position is inside the aircraft.  How do I configure X-Plane graphics to reposition the view from the cockpit?

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Hi jlambright,

I am not from Laminar Research but a flight simmer from down under.

Although I have the unit I am not using it.  I am of the opinion you need to set the hardware up in X-Plane but if you do a Dr Google search of "configuring TrackIR5 " you will find several answers.  On solution can be found at  There are several other solutions or links you may consider as well  having performed a google search.

Good luck


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set a button for 3d cockpit in the joystick settings or use a keyboard key to get back in