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Dear XP support. I purchased a GTX 1080 and the card will not go past the base clock EVER in xplane. i tried everything to get it to boost and it wont it is locked at the base clock. i tried OC the card. i tried every rendering option on and off. I have been taking to the community on the forum. I have posted a few videos of this problem. Please note the card is working and i am not expecting you to fix my card. it works perfect in other programs and Sim's. 

Please let me know if this is a known issue. and if there is a fix or if you feel i have something corrupt.




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Sorry More info

Win 10 64

I7 4790k @ 4.7 Stable with Water cooling

GTX 1080 Founders

Current xplane version

No addon software except some freeware areas

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While I'm not familiar with the overclocking utility you're using, if I had to guess, I'd say the salient difference between X-Plane and other programs you've tested with is that X-Plane uses OpenGL for graphics drawing, whereas most games/sims under Windows use DirectX. My suspicion is that the overclocking tool doesn't work with OpenGL applications. (You could test this by trying it with another OpenGL application like FurMark.)

(As an aside, it seems weird to me that the GPU's clock speed is tied to the application running, rather than being set-and-forget at the operating system level, but maybe that's because I'm getting old? I admit I haven't fiddled with overclocking for the better part of 5 years.)