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Hi everyone,

I bought and downloaded X-10 last week and not sure if I completed the whole download as I can't seen to open "load situations" as I was able to do with X-9.  Such as Aircraft landings, formation flying, airborne refueling, etc.

Does it not come included in X-10?  Can I download the situations somewhere?

I really love the new X-10 and I hope I simply failed to download the full file.  Please advise.

Carlos Bonafonte

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Hi cbonafonte,

I just want to double check that you're trying the situation buttons in the Aircraft & Situations screen. The situation file format is unstable and doesn't work between versions (heck, it often stops working between updates to v10!) so you won't be able to use your v9 situations. If you have custom ones, you'll need to re-record them in the latest version of v10.

If those buttons aren't working for you, please rerun the installer and use the "update" option to check for missing or broken default files.