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I have twoo questions:

1. Can I X-Plane 10 Installer remove and reinstall at the same iMac? X-Plane Installer starts in Russian. 

2. Can I remove directory X-Plane and reinstall only four squares? Are other files that need to be cleared? I paused download because too much squares are selected and erase all the files in the subdirectory X-Plane 10. Then installed nine squares. Then I read that I should not delete it, but just change the selection in the installer. Can I have it so or is it a problem?

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I did the second time delete everything. Cache memory also, restart computer and X-Plane 10 downloaded again. X-Plane Installer and menus are still in Russian. I wish they'd in English. Product key has already been completed. So on the server of should something happen to solve this problem. How do I make this known to the programmers?

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You can read more about "Tech Support" here and about "How to File a Bug Report" here.

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Thank you very much. Now I can read manuals. I am waiting also for X-Plane 10 - The Official Guide ordered in England at Key publishing.

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The best solution is to reinstall your copy of X-Plane 10. You can read more here. The X‑Plane installer does not infest your hard drive with shortcuts and directories. Therefore, all it takes to uninstall the program is to delete the X‑Plane installation folder (located by default on the Desktop) by dragging it to the Recycle Bin or Trash. After you empty the Recycle Bin/Trash, the program will be removed completely from your hard drive.

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Hi ScruffyBaton4,

Thank you for the reply. I now click Settings menu > Operations & Warnings > English language. X-Plane and computer shut down and restarted, and now all the menus are in English. Problem solved.
Only in X-Plane Installer Log.txt are still errors. Can I delete this file? Is automatically created new, or should I not touch it?
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You can delete this file. There ara two log files:
1.The “crash-log.txt” file (found in your X‑Plane directory after a crash).
2.The “log.txt” file after encountering your error (also found in your X‑Plane directory).