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So I have a new Samsung 4k monitor on an 8GB GeForce 970M based laptop. 32GB RAM. If I run fullscreen it looks to run at full 4k resolution. I'd like to run at 1080p to be able to read the text and crank up other options. That does not seem possible. If I change to fullscreen 1080 the screen just shows up in the upper left hand corner and doesn't "scale". Windows 10 Enterprise.

Am I missing something here?

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I have a similar setup and discovered that when I ran in full screen mode on my 32'' 4K monitor the frame rate dropped and I found it hard to click on the options because they were so small. I don't know if it's a solution to the problem, but my work around was to run in window mode and expand the window to fit the size of the screen which was pretty close to full screen mode.  I been running for almost a year with that workaround.