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Helo, i'm facing a problem with my X-plane 10 flying a B767 from Flight Factor... 5 minutes after take-off my computar just shut down... I alredy check the hardware, the temperatures are correct, and with another games this problem don't ocurs! I also re-install the X-plane but dont work. What is the problem?

Thank you, and sorry my bad english!
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Hi there,

Since you already checked your hardware and temps, it could be your PSU ( Power Supply Unit). Also check your graphics card (?) and make sure it is recieving enough power otherwise it will shut off. I had this issue and I solved it by getting a new CPU cooler and 650 watt PSU to run a GTX 970. I don't know what your card is so that could be a possible factor? Don't put the settings on extreme as well and have your tried deleting the preferences files ( it resets the sim)

Watch the end of this video, Nvidia Control Panel Settings for XP

Did that work?

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Thanks for the help , I installed yesterday a new coller for my processor ( i7 4770 ) , my power supply is a corsair CX600 , and the graphics card is an AMD Radeon R9 290 ... and it runs very well the X- PLANE ... will redefine the settings and test ... either way thanks for the help!
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No problem, enjoy

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