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I intend to purchase X-Plane 10 for home use (activation code).
Since I use 2 computers interchangeably (desktop + travel laptop) I would like to know if it's possible to use the same key on multiple computers? (Not to be run simultaneously of course)


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Hi there,

Yes you can install XP on multiple computer. Just insert Disc 1 to unlock the entire game otherwise it will run in demo mode. Hopefully your laptop has a DVD slot. XP works for Windows, Mac, and Linux

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Hi PrimozK,

I am no expert on the running of X-plane 10.

Before you purchase the software check the specifications of your two units,  This can be found on the main X-Plane website.  If all OK then download the demo version to your laptop and your PC to see if it will run.  The demo version has a short run life and operates from one airport in the States.

One issue that needs to be considered for the laptop is that it has adequate cooling especially for the processor.  If not the system will crash.  It is much easier to add additional cooling to the PC.

Once you have acquired X-plane in a 10 disc boxed version, rather than digital version download, consider purchasing the USB key rather having to insert Disc 1, as suggested by Rishi, every time you want to run x-plane..  This unit woks just fine (I have one) and this eliminates any future risk of your disc being damaged.  The USB unit can be obtained from the following link  This allows you to travel with X-plane on your laptop and the discs can be left at home in a safe and secure site.

The same referenced site also makes mention about security for a digital download,

Hope this is of some help.

Happy flying.


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Hi Glenn,

thank you for your answer. Although I was hoping to solve this without the need to travel around with a physical DVD/USB for X-Plane.

So it is not possible for example to first enter the key in my Desktop PC and then (when necessary) deactivate it and use the same key on my laptop?
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Actually, you don't need the physical DVD in your optical drive in order to activate. Just create an ISO image of disk 1 and use an image mounting software like Daemon Tools Lite to mount it as a virtual drive. Works for me.

You should even be able to copy that ISO onto multiple computers and use it there to activate.