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Every time I start Xplane, I have to unlock it.  If I am not connected to the internet, I cannot use the program.  Is there a way to avoid having to do this every time I start the program? I am running it on Windows 7.
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I have the digital version is this is a significant annoyance

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Hi dielawn,

I am no expert on the running of x-plane.

You haven't indicated whether you have the boxed set of discs or a digital download version.  I presume you are using a PC instead of a laptop with win7.

I run win7 on a PC and have just tried X-plane with the internet disabled.  It works.  I have the boxed discs and use, as a permanent connection in a vacant USB slot, is the USB key found at  This may solve your problem.



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Why don't you supply a product key with the version of the DVD's that I purchased instead of a $29.99 for a USB key. If my disk get scratched or wear out I cannot run a game that I purchased. If I knew this before I purchased X Plane I would not have.